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Extensive after-sales service network throughout the countries makes you feel that you have not only purchased the first-class products but also been provided with first-class after-sales service. All Maintenance outlets are conducted by headquarter and can provide our customer with immediate top service.


We provide customers with comprehensive good after-sales service, access to the customer's widely recognized.

We dedicated ourselves quite simply to being the best at what we do. Our service team ensure that our customer, wherever you are, are always be assured of warm instruction and technical support from well-experienced engineers in our subsidiaries or at our distributors worldwide.

We adopts around-the-clock immediate warm service system. We are always ready to shoot any troubles during your operation by telephone, fax, E-mail and service at your home, etc.


Warranty Freight Policy: 

Out of box failure: The device proves to be defective but it has never worked after reaching to distributors/ customers within warranty, then we will pay for the freight in both directions. 

Within warranty period: The distributors/customer is responsible for the freight of the device which is shipped to us for repair. We responsible for the freight from our company to the distributor/customer. 

fter warranty period: The customer undertakes any freight for returned device.


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