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As the lifeline of hemodialysis in ESRD patients, whether autologous arteriovenous fistula or graft arteriovenous fistula, will be stenosis of hemodialysis access after a period of time application, if not handled in a timely manner, often leads to a large number of thrombosis in the pathway, leading to the abandonment of the pathway, dialysis, life threatening.

If the stenosis in the pathway is found in time, and balloon dilatation and endovascular treatment are applied, the time of hemodialysis access can be significantly prolonged. This kind of operation can only be carried out under the X-ray contrast machine. During the operation, both the patient and the doctor will cause radiation damage, and the medical expenses caused by intraoperative angiography are also higher.

Under the leadership of Director Zhang Xiansheng, by ultrasound guided precise, No.1 Hospital of Peking University vascular surgery team completed minimally invasive surgical treatment of hemodialysis, including various types of surgical cavity of the forming hemodialysis access stenosis, dynamic minimally invasive surgery venous fistula thrombosis formation, hybrid surgery etc.. With the support of surgical techniques, the same therapeutic effect as that under radiography is even better, and the trauma and cost of patients are reduced.

In such an operation, ultrasound scanner is the tool for doctor's core examination, guiding surgery, its importance is self-evident. Recently, Interventional vascular surgery department of Peking University Hospital used the latest advanced wireless probe ultrasound for balloon dilatation and endovascular treatment of patients with stenosis of autologous fistula and artificial vascular fistula. The old type ultrasound is often cumbersome and difficult to carry out. In order to avoid bacterial contamination during operation, the ultrasound probe wire line must be protected also, which is very inconvenient. However new type wireless probe ultrasound has compact size like a cellphone, wireless data transmission, WIFI connection to tablet computer or mobile phone to show the ultrasound images, and all operation and measurement can be done on tablet or mobile phone, It achieves the best intelligence, miniaturization and portability.

In the picture it clearly shows the narrow segment of the artificial vascular fistula by wireless probe ultrasound:


Before surgery, the medical team of Zhang Xiansheng, Yin Jie, Cheng Gong, and SheKang used the ultrasound scanner make accurate location and mark on the segment of stenosis.

During the operation, the wireless probe ultrasound is protected by a disposable cover, The doctor carried the wireless probe ultrasound probe to guide the guidewire accurately into the vascular lesion and passed the stenosis segment, WIFI connected tablet computer displays clear and accurate images. Guided by clear images, Zhang Xiansheng's team accomplished the balloon dilation and endovascular angioplasty of the diseased vessels expertly and efficiently. Withdraw puncture sheath tube, the ultrasound reexamination results showed that the dilatation of the stenotic segment was satisfactory, and the color Doppler and spectral examination showed the patency of the blood flow.

In the picture the Surgery team was in Operation under the Guidance of the Wireless probe ultrasound


Under local anesthesia, the patient was operated only through a puncture needle. After operation, the "fresh birth" fistula can be used to continue dialysis immediately. Minimally invasive techniques are further developed by the help of portable ultrasound.

After operation, the internal arteriovenous fistula was examined by wireless probe ultrasound



The interventional vascular surgery department of No.1 Hospital of Peking University has gradually started the application of wireless probe ultrasound to complete the outpatient examination, follow-up and surgical treatment of hemodialysis patients.

The Portable and intelligent ultrasound device let the doctors engaged in hemodialysis access can be able to maximize help the extensive renal failure dialysis patients. It is convenient to complete outpatient follow-up, bedside catheterization, surgical treatment of stenosis or thrombosis and other hemodialysis pathway complications, let the lifeline of hemodialysis patients continues indefinitely.

In the picture, the wireless probe ultrasound did the postoperative reexamination for the leg autologous arteriovenous fistula patient


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