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Wireless Palm Ultrasound Used in OB&GYN

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Portable ob gyn ultrasound machine can be performed efficiently without using a console system in the exam room or waiting for the system to become available. Portable ob ultrasound gives you key visual information at your fingertips. With the superior image quality of portable ob gyn ultrasound machine, we can help you quickly determine the next steps for your patients, potentially saving them time.

Portable Ob Gyn Ultrasound Machine Functions

Handheld ultrasound machine for pregnancy plays an important role in OB&GYN.

-Portable ob ultrasound can be used in breast examination.

-Portable ob ultrasound can be used in ring examination.

-Portable ob gyn ultrasound machine is also helpful in uterine examination.

-Portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy can realize the visualization of abortion and abortion curettage.

-Personal ultrasound machine for pregnancy can detect fetal development and fetal heart.

-Amniotic fluid and other daily examinations with cheap portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy.

-Umbilical cord detected with portable ob ultrasound.

-Portable ob ultrasound used in postpartum pelvis detection.

-Portable ob gyn ultrasound machine used in abortion and curettage.

-Catheterization with the help of handheld ultrasound machine for pregnancy.

-Urinary obstruction and other urine residual examinations.



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